Question: How tall can grass and weeds grow on a property before it becomes a public nuisance? Who do you contact to report a property overgrown with weeds and grass?





Grass and weeds that are permitted to grow in excess of one foot (12”) in height on any premises within the City constitutes a public nuisance.




To report a property that is overgrown with weeds or grass in excess of one foot in height, please contact the Building and Safety Office at 217-732-3168 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Upon notification or discovery of a property with overgrown vegetation, the Building and Safety Office sends a letter to the owner, lessee, tenant, or agent having control of the property notifying them of the violation and directing them to cut down all grass and weeds that exceed one foot in height within seven (7) days. Should the grass and weeds not be cut down within 7 days, the Building and Safety Officer has the grass and weeds cut down. An invoice for the mowing expense, payable within 30 days, is then sent to the property owner or agent.

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